Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Coordinates 38.37.505N 090.11.086W (Google Earth)


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Dedicated to

The People of the United States

May 25, 1968

Lyndon B. Johnson

President of the United States

The City of Saint louis Missouri

The United States Territorial

Expansion Memorial Commission

United States Department of the interior

National Park Service




The elevator bay at the bottom

  The elevator bay and emergency stairway at the top
  A dizzying look up the side of the Arch Gateway Arch

Panoramic view of West Saint louis from the observation deck


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My opinion of the visit:

This was my second visit, I was quite young the first time, and only recalled the elevator ride

You owe it to yourself to see this magnificent work first hand. As always for these type of visits we were there the week before Christmas 2008, there was a football game that was playing at noon across the street. So the early rush was the first ride for the folks that were trying to do both. Once that was over the place dried up and it was basically empty allowing ample time to visit the museum, and see the movie on the construction of the arch.

You can reserve all activities through the NPS website, I recommend that If you are investing any significant travel to get here. Once you have done that you print out a paper ticket at home, take it along with and go directly to the gate for any of the events, no need to wait in the ticketing line.

They allow you to spend as much time at the top of the arch as you like, I'm sure that during the busy season, it can get quite congested, so plan accordingly