Chippewa Flowage


Located at the End of Hermans Landing Drive off N County CC at bridge, New Post, WI Coordinates Lat N 45:55':950" Lon W -91:11':320"  

In 1921. the Federal Power Commission granted a license to the Wisconsin and Minnesota Power and Light Company for a dam- construction on the Chippewa River. The dam. was completed In 1923. and provided hydroelectric power and flood control to the area, creating a 15.300 acre reservoir with 233 miles of shoreline. Known as the Chippewa Flowage. this watery area with about two hundred blonds has become one of Wisconsin's largest Inland lakes. Homeland to the Lac Count Oreilles Band of the Chippewa Indians. the Band never approved of the creation of the Chippewa Flowage and lost their "Post" village, burial grounds, and wild rice beds to the newly created lake. The power company relocated the people to a new village named "New Post" along the shores of the lake. Today. this area • of spectacular natural scenery attracts not
only many nature lovers. but thousands of anglers to the abundant fishing waters.
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